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Late, on many nights, I've laid feeling completely motionless, as one perspective of my reality would take hold of my mind. I would begin sinking into this place where the other me experiencing this same life lives. She is the reality but so am I, living this life on the outside. We coexist, we battle, she overtakes me many days and many nights, but none of us ever win and neither of us lose. It is there that VACUUM takes place.

-Nina Chong-Jimenez


The motivation for Vacuum came from the mental and physical struggle I experience due to chronic illness. It was important for me to express that "darkness" doesn't always need to be defeated; sometimes to defeat it would be to defeat ourselves
and sometimes it's just fine to not be winning. After all, you're likely fighting yourself.

-Nina Chong-Jimenez

(turn vimeo sound on)

A collaboration between Nina Chong Jimenez/WREAK and Jessica Ray/Dance into Deliverance.

Concept: Nina Chong Jimenez
Choreography: Nina Chong Jimenez
Direction: Nina Chong Jimenez & Jessica Ray
Produced by: Nina Chong Jimenez & Dance into Deliverance
Duet: Marion Helfenstein & Sofia Do Mar
Corps: Gabriel Eden Berger, Yu Fujiwara, Sofia Kezevadze, Anja Neukomm, Giorgia Riccardi,
            Hunter Sturgis, Annie White
Cinematography: Steve Zavitz & Jesse Iskowitz
Editor: Jessica Ray
Lighting: Jesse Iskowitz
Costume Design: Nina Chong Jimenez
Production Assistant: Evelyn Rodriguez-Chong
Music: Dark Ambience/Cave Sounds, Guild of Ambience

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